A Call of Honor, Praise, Justice and Destiny

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

I would like to say that I am very proud of our current Collin County Democratic Party Chair Mike Rawlins​ for all his sacrifices in helping our Party and giving structure and form that will help us to hit the ground running in 2016. I also understand that our Communications Committee Chair is doing a FINE job. These two fine people represent the very heart and soul of our Democratic Party in Collin County. They remind me of the honor, praise, justice and destiny in the hearts of all progressives.

I will work hard to re-elect this fine gentleman again and again. We gain ground as Democrats when we seek common ground around vital issues and high ideals, we are the party of the people, all the people, the rich the poor and especially the middle class which gives strength to our democracy, meaning to the lives of the patriotic rich, fairness and help to the struggling poor, and hope for our children and our nation’s future to rise to greater and greater heights.

Democrats unite! Increasingly, in spite of temporary set backs in the last election, and huge amounts of money pouring in to support unethical politicians, (who praise but do not grasp the core principles of our founding fathers), we are on the rise. The rantings of our opponents,are becoming increasingly and virally irrational and strained, and though attention getting, they only go to show that we have the Republican Party “on the ropes”. Their “southern strategy” is increasingly failing, their support for hate symbols is failing to gain a hearing, their attacks on minorities (who together are a majority) is causing the whole nation to see they are abusers without any moral grounding, religious or other wise.

No matter how long the journey to justice, no matter how hard the fight against tyranny and oppression, no matter how distant the light of hope, the righteous heart does not grow tired, and the song in the hearts of those who love freedom will one day ring out from every hill and mountain and from the very skies themselves.

Recently a great writer and speaker I was privileged long ago to meet, Bob Ray Sanders​, has retired from his job and is rising to his destiny, as all his friends and family knew one day he would. All over this country heroes little and great are standing up to injustice and working to complete the dream of Martin Luther King Jr., a dream for all humankind, a dream of hope and courage, a dream that blesses our future, a dream whose vision even now is a new morning, a morning of real freedom and justice for all and not just some, a morning where all of God’s children rise with their differences and see the beauty that God called good.

This dream is the dream of the Democratic Party that I see shining and beckoning to every heart.

I hear in quiet times this dream calling:

“Rise up, you are one beloved family of God, and with such a generous love, you have no reason to hold back your giving or your courage. Give and stand back: See the glory of God’s loving heaven, come to earth.”

Arise Democrats, arise America, fulfil your destiny, embrace your dreams, and hold all hearts with respect and honor. This is the day, this is the fight for justice, you were born to win.

David “Mitch” Sotelo