A Blue Light Shining: The Rise of the Texas Democratic Party

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The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!
The Lion of Jesse was a Progressive!

A Blue Light Shining

I will fight till the dying light gives way to night, until the darkness overwhelms the day of hope, and in the darkness of death itself I will cry out for a higher beauty of love to sing its song in every heart.

Who am I? I am a Democrat, and I VOTE.

Your vote is your voice. Never let it be silenced. Never let fear or helplessness make you a slave.

I have heard a clear voice of freedom and justice and hope for my nation, I have heard it deep in the heart of Texas: A BLUE light shining. I have heard it from my friends who stand bravely with the winds against them singing inspiration in the darkness of ignorance, and greed.

Who are these friends? They are the activists in the Democratic Party in Collin County. We may be few and softly spoken like our Collin County Chair Mike Rawlins, but the truth and virtue of our cause roars like the Lion of Jesse.

They are Muslims, they are Christians, they are Hindus, they are Buddhists, they are agnostics, they are rich and they are poor, and their hearts are the true blue color of the Democratic Party, whose voice swells along with the voices of progressives around the world. Two of these are from Canada: Bruce Wilson, and Peter G. Prontzos, many more are Barbara Boyden Walters, Michael Handley, Deborah Angell Smith, Sajeel Khaleel, Medrick Yhap, David Smith, David Sotelo, Ellen Gresham, Judge Ken Molberg, Barbara Korman, and many more.

2016 is coming, hear us roar, hear a roar that reaches hearts, that echoes the greatness of our nation and the free world.

Join us…

Your Vote/Your Voice

Vote Democratic 2016

David “Mitch” Sotelo

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