There Is a Light Within You

That light is your optimistic or buoyant flexible intelligence.

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Optimistic Intelligence

Optimistic Intelligence is our natural state.

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The Path to Enjoying LIfe

We find our ability to enjoy life when we manage to fully feel and unlearn associations of helplessness with our needs.

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Welcome Progressive Minds and Hearts!

For training in optimistic integration call the Intra Spirit Fellowship @ 214-227-9452. Welcome progressive minds!

Here you will find many progressive views. Progressive views stem from a core inclination to communicate in effective ways that meet real needs and spark the natural optimism that exists within us all when our needs are met. This entails an effective communication between objectivity, creativity, and empathy with our motivational or emotional core. This can be stated as a direction or inclination to better communicate between various caring and trusting perspectives. All communication is related to need and an efficient communication concerning need is usually best for everyone at least in the long run.

Punishing inclinations in communication tend to be impractical and are often based on an unloving and ineffective perspective in how a person relates to their emotional core. Progressives believe in maximum freedom and opportunity for everyone in ways that do not only work for the time being but for the future, for the emotional core concern of society: Our kids.

Often the underlying core of a punishing attitude and inclination is what I call “pained need”. When needs themselves become painful there is a learned helplessness associated with them. This helplessness, this hopelessness, causes a transmutation of real need into symbolic need, just to alleviate the sense of helplessness. This creates a symbolic clinging to a view of the past which is falsely positive and so from this we see the modern “conservative movement” of today.

Progressives must of necessity address the ways in which we communicate both within ourselves and between ourselves. It is not enough just to try and get conservatives to think objectively, or with empathy, or try to get them to think creatively. This will cause them to feel uncomfortable and their minds will dodge around or flee into socially acceptable superstitions, half truths, and defensiveness. We must reach those who have enough awareness of themselves that they can self comfort using these perspectives. Then we need to make our slow progress supporting the basic rights and freedoms especially of women and children, small businesses and workers.

Before us is a great journey my friends, but every step of the way is worth it.

David “Mitch” Sotelo


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